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An effective & more focused method of removing unwanted hair from the roots using a technique involving just a piece of "Cotton Thread". Eyebrow Upper lips Chin Forehead Total face [row][span5] [mini_posts_grid type="portfolio" thumbs="smallest" lightbox="no" custom_category="beauty-parlour" order_by="date" order="ASC" align="left"] [/span5][/row]
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A thorough deep cleansing treatment using professional skincare products most suited to your skin type. Includes cleanse, steam, extraction, exfoliation, massage, mask tone moisturise. [span2]Facial services: Cleanup Wine Facial Chocolate Facial Fruit Facial Platinum Facial Aroma Facial Whitening Gold Facial [/span2][span2]Bleach services: Lacto bleach (for black marks) Fruit bleach Hebal bleach Whitening bleach T tan…
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