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Hair Styling

Learn how to work with hair and a range of modern and traditional hair styles. It lets you become proficient in hair modeling on your friend/sister/daughter's hair and is very efficient for creation of wedding, evening outing, competition etc. [row][span5] [mini_posts_grid type="portfolio" thumbs="smallest" lightbox="no" custom_category="special-classes" order_by="date" order="ASC" align="left"] [/span5][/row]
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Spoken English

We develop students’ proficiency in spoken English, both productive and receptive, for academic, professional and social/community purposes. For Beginners: This course is designed for those who need a very basic knowledge in English. We concentrate on the basic ability to communicate in English in a limited range of simple everyday situations. It will also cover…
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Aari & Zardosi

Zardozi is a Persian word that means sewing with gold string. Supratha proudly announces the courses in Aari and Zardosi. From the basic to advanced which makes you to portrait your blouses, saree, salwar and silk tops with the creative and innovative beautiful embroidery by yourselves. Note: Classes are taken only for ladies. [row][span5] [mini_posts_grid…
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Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in ancient India. Suprata offer Holistic Yoga with passion and understanding, depending upon the need of an individual – be it fitness, health or power! Our services are structured to give priority to your needs, and at same time, give you all the…
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